Albert L. Rose

Albert Rose was born in 1946, oldest of six children, and raised in Lebanon, Oregon, as part of a logging and farming family in the mid-Willamette Valley. There is no mention of artists in the family history, but also no lack of support for Albert´s ambitious efforts.

His first published piece, a landscape, appeared in the Oregon Farmer Magazine when Albert was in the sixth grade.

He was active in the Lebanon High School art and drama clubs, designing and executing most of the theater sets for his school productions. He participated in the 1963-1964 Scholastic Art Awards, receiving Honorable Mention in the Portland Exhibition, and received much recognition, as well as many awards, for other art and school activities.

Mr. Rose began his college studies at the University of Oregon in 1965 as an art major, and, after a four-year break for Navy service, graduated in 1973 with a degree in Journalism. Philosophical differences with the art department concerning the validity of his classical realist style against their emphasis on abstract expressionism precipitated a change in majors. He chose Journalism as a practical introduction to publication design and spent several years in print-related work. While serving in the Navy, he provided extra-curricular photography and editing services for the U.S.S. San Jose´s first cruise book, a documentary volume of the ship´s first overseas deployment.

After graduation in 1973, Mr. Rose began an 11 year career as a graphic artist and illustrator. In 1985 he returned to his first love: fine drawing and painting; he moved his work and family to Minneapolis, Minnesota where he studied with a community of painters of classical realism working in the style of the historic Boston School.

Since returning to Washington in 1989, Mr. Rose has established a private studio in Snohomish County where he teaches and executes portrait commissions and still-life works. He exhibits throughout the region, winning awards, respect, and recognition for his outstanding work.

During the year of 2000 - 2001, Albert partnered with NW Artworks in the writing and presentation of an ambitious afterschool art program for children. 2001 –2002 was taken with a teaching internship with Artstar and King County, Bellevue WA.

After the death of his mother early in June of 2002, Albert has focused on expanding his studio output and marketing effort.


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